What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Barckhausen has 25 years of experience in orthodontics and has improved the smiles and bites of thousands of patients in Ocala. Along with our team, we are able to meet the needs of our patients with a focus on great communication, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized care.

It’s never too late to smile!

Our office works with patients of all ages. Our youngest is five and our oldest is 80!

  • We provide interceptive orthodontics in children to prevent problems from occurring.
  • With our teenage patients, we make sure to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile once all their permanent teeth are in.
  • Later in life, we can be a part of the team of specialists that works together to restore a mature dentition that needs more complex care.

A Unique Orthodontic Experience

You’ll never experience cookie-cutter orthodontic care at inLine Orthodontics. We believe that everyone is unique and deserves to be treated that way!

  • Dr. B. has great relationships with the dentists in the area and make sure that your orthodontic care is well coordinated with your general dental care.
  • Because our office is trilingual, our patients can communicate well with us and we are able to explain all aspects of treatment to them easily.
  • For busy patients, we offer Invisalign® treatment, which allows for less frequent visits and fewer emergency visits.
  • We use TADs (temporary anchorage devices) to treat complex tooth movement that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish.
  • We accept most insurances and offer in-house, zero interest financial options, as we strive to make orthodontics possible for everyone.
  • We offer free mouthguards to our patients who participate in sports.

Our Dedication to the Ocala Community

We are proud to be part of the Ocala community and love supporting the people and organizations that have helped us get to where we are today.

  • We help the community by supporting Hammett Bowen Elementary and Liberty Middle School and have donated more than $50,000 to them in the last ten years.
  • We visit many local schools during National Dental Health Month to teach good oral hygiene habits and promote oral health.
  • inLine Orthodontics supports the Interfaith Food 4 Kids program by donating a week’s worth of food for a food-insecure child for every new patient that comes in for an orthodontic consultation.

No-Pressure Consultations

During your initial consultation at our Ocala orthodontic office, we will take our time to explain what we see in your X-rays, listen to your concerns, and then explain your treatment options in a way that is easy to understand. We want you to have all the information required to make an educated decision as to what treatment you want and what will give you the best result.

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